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Ruffed Grouse Hunts

Experience the thrill of hunting Ruffed Grouse in the prime locations of Wisconsin. Our expert guide, Brian, will lead you through the dense aspen stands where these birds thrive. With the help of our trained German Shorthaired Pointers, you'll get up close for an unforgettable hunting adventure. Perfect for both novice and seasoned hunters.

Woodcock Hunts

Join us for an exciting Woodcock hunt, navigating the young forests where these elusive birds are found. Brian’s knowledge and skilled pointers will ensure you have the best chance to bag these challenging game birds. Enjoy the beautiful fall migration season with us.

Dog Training

Our comprehensive dog training services are designed to improve your hunting dog's skills and performance. From basic obedience to advanced hunting techniques, our training programs are tailored to meet your dog’s needs and help them become the perfect hunting companion.

Expert Guidance & Prime Locations


At Amaazen Outdoors, we offer expertly guided hunts in prime locations that maximize your chances of a successful and memorable hunting experience. Our experienced guide, Brian, along with his trained German Shorthaired Pointers, ensures that each hunt is tailored to your skill level and preferences. Whether you’re hunting Ruffed Grouse or Woodcock, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience in the field.

Why Hunt With Us?

Expert Guidance

Our experienced guide, Brian, brings years of knowledge and a passion for bird hunting, ensuring you have a safe and successful hunt.

Prime Locations

We hunt in the best areas of Wisconsin, where Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock populations thrive, giving you the best chance for a fruitful hunt.

Trained Dogs

Our German Shorthaired Pointers are expertly trained to assist in locating and retrieving game, enhancing your hunting experience.

Personalized Service

We tailor each hunt to your skill level and preferences, ensuring a unique and memorable adventure for every hunter.

Join The Family

We take immense pride in our customer service and do our very best to treat each client like they’re our own family while on a hunt together. 

Client Testimonials

"Brian, is a fine gentleman who knows grouse and bird dogs. It was a pleasure hunting with Brian and his dogs in 2022. One of his shorthairs was the finest grouse dog I have ever seen. Brian does thorough scouting before the hunt to put the hunters on good numbers of grouse. He was an excellent companion in the woods and has a great combination and experience."
Bruce Toby
“Brian's depth of knowledge in the woods is unmatched. In the same manner, his dogs, Revel and Luna, are fantastic at sniffing out the Woodcock and Grouse. Fantastic hunt! Thank you!”
Peter Malkowski

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